Richard Menard Richard Menard was born in Edmonton, Alberta on December 19th, 1963. His early artistic expressions were in two-dimensional form.  Drawn to ‘black and white’ landscape photography, Richard spent extensive time as a youth photographing the river valleys near his home in Edmonton, Alberta.

After moving to Vancouver, BC, in 1985, he began painting abstract landscapes in acrylics, working in large (4’ x 5’) canvases.  When visiting Tofino, BC, in 1987, he tried his hand at carving and discovered his passion. The very day after Richard’s return to Vancouver, he met renowned First Nations carver, Frances Horne, who befriended Richard and guided him through his first pieces.  (Read More)

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
"“In our modern world, a great many of us experience a daily bombardment of noise, imagery and over-stimulation. My intention is to create art that invites the experiencer to contemplate, breathe and feel at peace.”"Artist's Homepage

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