Tom McPhee Canadian born artist Thomas McPhee is largely self-taught. He attended various art schools, but he acquired most of his art education from studying the collections in museums and galleries through out Europe. Inspired by miniature carvings, he created small-scale works in wax that were used by goldsmiths to make jewelry.

Finding that too limiting, he discovered greater latitude in creating work in Mastodon and Mammoth ivory, which then lead to carving gems; admiring their durability, color, translucency and permanence. He has gained an international reputation for his unique small scale works and is represented in collections worldwide.  (Read More)

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
As a master of classical realism, Thomas McPhee combines both figurative and stylized elements in his work that often involves mythological themes and archetypes. The carvings range from small jewelry sized pieces to larger sculptures.Artist's Homepage

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