steffichfineart and Michael Hames


first annual historic print exhibition

August 22 to September 11, 2008

What, exactly, is an original print? This question frequently causes confusion and sparks debate amongst present-day art lovers, collectors, dealers, and even artists themselves.  Commercial art reproductions based on photographic processes have been around for well over a century. The most common publishing method, offset lithography, has been joined recently by giclee—digitally reproduced images printed with inkjet—and these methods are well suited to posters, book illustration and advertising art.  The art market has been flooded in the last thirty years or so, with costly yet ultimately worthless reproductions posing as limited edition prints.                      Click here for full essay....

"Print Making, An Insiders Perspective"
Victoria Edgarr
Guest Educator at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

ongoing presentations
Saturday August 23rd, 1:00 - 3:00pm

Prints on Exhibition

enter here to view Michael Hames prints


Afternoon Sahaquin by Muihead Bone Ancient Landmarks by E. Hedley Fitton Bridge of Sighs by George Eyster Senseney
Afternoon Sahaquin Ancient Landmarks Bridge of Sighs



Chalk Boats by William Auerbach-Levy Charles Meryon by Leonard Baskin Church of the Minorities by Luigi Kasimir
Chalk Boats Charles Meryon Church of the Minorities



City Across the Bridge by John Culik El Que Crea en el lo Pinte by David Alfaro Siqueiros Equilibrium by Yaakov Wexler
City Across the Bridge El Que Crea en el lo Pinte Equilibrium



Fi-L'Ombre by Johnny Friedlaender Goats in Swedish Landscape by Aage Roose Hamburg, Duesterngasse by Luigi Kasimir
Fi-L'Ombre Goats in Swedish Landscape Hamburg, Duesterngasse



In a French Cafe by William S Gisch Kabuki-Actor-Japanese-Warrior by-Utagawa-Toyokuni Jewish Social Commentary by Joseph Budko
In a French Cafe Kabuki Actor-Japanese-Warrior Jewish Social Commentary



La Siebra by Leopoldo Mendez Nurnberg by Luigi Kasimir March of the Weavers by Kathe Kollwitz
La Siembra Nurnberg March of the Weavers



Orphan Sisters by Nicolaes van der Waay Portrait of JQA Ward, Sculptor by Francis Melville Paris Landscape by Kamesuke Hiraga
Orphan Sisters Portrait of JQA Ward Paris Landscape



Reception in Miami by Jack Levine Pregnant Woman by Kathe Kollwitz Riot by Kathe Kollwitz
Reception in Miami Pregnant Woman Riot



Riviera by Anthony Thieme Sappo by Anders Zorn Road to Bristol by Chauncey Foster Ryder
Riviera Sappo Road to Bristol



Temple Deserte by Terry Haass Schoenbuehel by Luigi Kasimir Tower Bridge London by Hans Figura
Temple Deserte Schoenbuehel Tower Bridge, London



Gilmorehill in Snow by Tom Maxwell Ukiyo-e by Utagawa Hiroshige Why by Abraham Rattner
Unknown Ukiyo-e Why?



Landscape by Halvard Storm The Main Gate of Engakuji Temple, Kamakura by Kasamatsu Shiro View from Fyresdal by Halvard Storm
Landscape The Main Gate View from Fyresdal



Gilmorehill In Snow by Horseguards, London by Georges Huardel Bly Mother with Child by Paul Herrmann
Gilmorehill in the Snow Horseguards, London Mother with Child


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