Art is good for society, here is why.

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The best way for me to begin is by discrediting my own article. The reason for this is that there are plenty of excellent essays out there discussing this very topic, they offer scientific proof and hard statistics. I don’t. Instead I offer you my humble opinion.

Imagine a world without art. We might as well imagine a world without communication. Because that, in its purest form, is what art comes down to, communication. Art is the most varied and effective means of communication available to humanity.  

I could stop there. But…

I thought I would just show you some art, and let the art communicate its own importance. Good art, like nature, should be self evident.

Artwork by Christoph Niemann. For more follow this Link to the Christoph’s site.


Paleolithic cave paintings of Altamira in Northern Spain.


“The Third of May 1808” by Spanish painter Francisco Goya.


And the for performing arts! Frederic Chopin “Nocturnes”.


Video art too. Stop Motion Animated Short Film “Hi Stranger” by Kirsten Lepore.





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  1. Kaeli
    | Reply

    <3 YES! I believe ART is what sets us Humans apart from Animals.

    Without the obsessive effort to convey what we feel as individuals (via Artistic Expression); we are but muscle and bone, chasing life just to survive one more day.

    Nay, I say. Let me play with light and sound. Give me an opportunity to send a message to the conscious creatures of the future, "I was here, and this is what I felt."

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