Jack Shadbolt

Jack Shadbolt

Jack Shadbolt

Jack Shadbolt (1909-1998) has long been recognized as an artist of international stature. Shadbolt is a respected and loved artist, teacher and benefactor who made an outstanding contribution to the arts in Canada and particularly in British Columbia. He was born in England in 1909 and came to Canada with his parents in 1912.

Jack Shadbolt is also honoured for his contributions as a teacher. From 1928 to 1937, he taught in high schools in Duncan and Vancouver, B.C. while attending night classes under Frederick Varley at the Vancouver School of Art (V.S.A.). In 1938, he began teaching at the V.S.A. and was the Head of Painting and Drawing until 1966. He was a profound influence on his pupils at the V.S.A where he was known as a spell-binding lecturer and inspiring teacher. During this time he also spent two years as an official War Artist in the Canadian Army, and a year in study at the Art Student's League in New York.

Shadbolt’s role as a mentor of younger artists is well known. His personal support and encouragement has been crucial to many young artists' careers. In 1988, with Doris Shadbolt, he established the Vancouver Institute for the Visual Arts (VIVA), a foundation granting awards to visual artists in British Columbia. He has also been prominent in support of the Children's Arts Umbrella.

Shadbolt wrote and published three books: "In Search of Form", "Mind's I", and "Act of Art”. He received the Guggenheim Award in 1957, the Molson Prize in 1977, and Gershon Iskowitz Award in 1990. Public recognition in the form of honorary doctorates from the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, and the Order of Canada attest to his accomplishments. In 1989 he was made Freeman of the City of Vancouver.

Jack Shadbolt’s prolific body of work has been featured in over 60 solo exhibitions and retrospectives. He has represented Canada in international exhibitions around the world. His works are represented in all major galleries across Canada and he is in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada. His works also hang in many private and corporate collections. Shadbolt’s work has had a major influence on the development of Canadian painting.

Poet, author, teacher and mentor Jack Shadbolt died in 1998.


Public Collections


Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Investment Corporation

BC College of Physicians and Surgeons

BC Government Collection

Canada Council Art Bank

CIL Collection

Confederation Art Gallery

Cleveland Art Museum

Hamilton Art Gallery

Hirshhorn Collection

Inco Collection

Longstaffe Collection

McMaster University

Mills College Art Museum

National Gallery of Canada

Pirelli Art Collection

Prueter Collection

Sarnia Art Gallery

Saskatoon Art Gallery

SC Johnson & Son, Inc. Wisconsin

Seattle Art Museum

Shell Oil Collection

Simon Fraser University

Smith College

University of British Columbia

University of Manitoba

Vancouver Art Gallery

Zacks Collection


Solo Exhibitions


1936                       Vancouver Art Gallery             Vancouver, BC           

                              Landscapes and Drawings

1939                       Vancouver Art Gallery             Vancouver, BC           

                              Drawing, Watercolours and Canvases

1940                       Vancouver Art Gallery             Vancouver, BC           

                              Mural Panels and Caricatures

1941                       Vancouver Art Gallery            Vancouver, BC                       

                              Drawings, Watercolours and Canvases

1941                       Art Gallery of Toronto              Toronto, Ontario                     

                              Two person exhibition with Eric Bergman



1941                 Kenneth McAllister’s Studio     Victoria, BC    

                        Two person exhibition with Max Maynard

1942                 Vancouver Art Gallery,February Vancouver, BC

1942                 Vancouver Art Gallery,October   Vancouver, BC

1943                 Vancouver Art Gallery            Vancouver, BC          

                Drawing and Watercolours in the Camouflage Training School

1944                 T. Eaton Gallery                       Toronto, Ontario

1946                 Vancouver Art Gallery             Vancouver, BC           

1946                 Spencer’s Art Gallery               Victoria, BC

1947                 Vancouver Art Gallery            Vancouver, BC

1947                 Mildred Brock Room, UBC       Vancouver, BC

1948                 Laing Galleries                         Toronto, Ontario

1948                 Vancouver Art Gallery             Vancouver, BC           

                        Paintings by J.L. Shadbolt

1949                 Laurel Art Gallery                     New York

1950                 UBC Art Centre                        Vancouver, BC

1950                 Art Gallery of Toronto              Toronto, Ontario                     

                        Seed Pods and Grasses

1952                 San Francisco Museum of Art  San Francisco, CA

1953                 School of Art                            Winnipeg, Manitoba

1953                 Vancouver Art Gallery             Vancouver, BC           

                        Paintings by J.L. Shadbolt

1953                 San Francisco Art Institute        San Francisco, CA

1953                 Arts Centre of Greater Victoria Victoria, BC  

1954                 Art Gallery of Toronto              Toronto, Ontario                     

                Roloff Beny and Jack Shadbolt

1955                 Musee des beaux arts             Montreal, Quebec

                EJ Hughes and Jack Shadbolt

1957                 New Design Gallery                 Vancouver, BC

                Paintings from the Cote D’azur

1958                 Seattle Art Museum                 Seattle, WA                 

                Mediterranean Paintings

1959                 Vancouver Art Gallery             Vancouver, BC

                Ten Year Retrospective Exhibition

1960                 Zoe Dusanne Gallery               Seattle, WA

1960                 Laing Galleries                         Toronto, Ontario

1960                 New Design Gallery                 Vancouver, BC

1961                 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Victoria, BC

1961                 New Design Gallery                 Vancouver, BC

                        Paintings from Greece, Italy and France

1960                 Laing Galleries                         Toronto, Ontario,

                Mediterranean paintings

1960                 New Design Gallery                 Vancouver, BC

                Gouaches and script inventions

1961                 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Victoria, BC

                Greek Notations

1961                 New Design Gallery                 Vancouver, BC 

1961                 Laing Galleries                         Toronto, Ontario

Mediterranean Paintings

1962                 Zoe Dusanne Gallery               Seattle, WA

1962                 Western Canada Art Circuit   

Edmonton, Victoria, Regina, Calgary, Brandon and New Westminster                  

1963                 New Design Gallery                 Vancouver, BC

                        Paintings in acrylic, gouache and ink

1964                 Jerrold Morris Gallery               Toronto, Ontario

1964                 Edmonton Art Gallery              Winnipeg, Charlottetown, Victoria                             Studies for Airport Mural               and Vancouver

1964                 Galerie Agnes Lefort               Montreal, Quebec

1965                 New Design Gallery                 Vancouver, BC

                        The Space Between Columns

1966                 Angel’s Camp Gallery             Victoria, BC

Script painting

1966                 New Design Gallery,Other Birds  Vancouver, BC

1967                 Burnaby Art Gallery                 Burnaby, BC   

                        Retrospective, 1939-1967

1967                 Douglas Gallery                       Vancouver, BC

                        A Black and White Exhibition

1968                 Public Library & Art Museum   London, Ontario

1969                 VAG/National Gallery             Travelling Exhibition

1969                 Jerrold Morris Gallery               Toronto, Ontario

Drawings from In Search of Form

1969                 Galerie Godard Lefort             Montreal, Quebec

1969                 Fleet Gallery                            Winnipeg, MB

1970                 The Print Gallery                       Victoria, BC

1971                 West Vancouver Visual Arts     Vancouver, BC           

The Architecture of a Winter Garden

1971                 Bau-Xi Gallery, Recent Paintings Vancouver, BC

1971                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC           

The Hornby Suite, Homage to Emily Carr

1971                 Bau-Xi Gallery, About Owls        Vancouver, BC

1972                 Fine Arts Gallery, UBC              Vancouver, BC                The chilkoot experience

1973                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC

                                               Mind’s I, poems and drawings

1973                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC

                                                To old gardens, articulated fetish, ritual of the arrow

1973                 Bau-Xi  Gallery                         Vancouver, BC

                                               A given number of owls(mural)

1974                 Bau-Xi,Gallery, Triptychs           Vancouver, BC

1974                 Bau-Xi  Gallery Triptychs           Toronto, Ontario

1975                 Bau-Xi  Gallery                         Vancouver, BC

                                               African dream series


Solo Exhibitions cont’d

 1976                 Bau-Xi Gallery, India suite         Vancouver and Toronto
1976                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC

                                                Coast Indian suite  

1977                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC           

                        Landscape events

1977                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Toronto, Ontario

                            Butterfly, Transformations, Mountain summer series

1977                 Canadian Embassies               Houston, TX; Washington, DC

1978                 Vancouver Art Gallery            Vancouver, BC

                        Jack Shadbolt: Seven years

1978                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC

                        Wild Grass series and Flowering Bush Series

1979                 Bau-Xi Gallery, Summer  Suite      Vancouver, BC

1979                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Toronto, Ontario

                        Dark Landscapes and Cages            

1980                 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Victoria, BC

                        Early watercolours

1980                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC

                        Hornby summer, 1980

1980                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Toronto, Ontario

                        Equivalents for landscapes

1981                 Kyles Gallery                            Victoria, BC

1981                 Bau-Xi Gallery, Act of Art          Vancouver and Toronto

1981                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC

                         Collioure drawings

1982                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC

                        Butterfly Transformation Frieze                     

1982-83             Bau-Xi Gallery                          Toronto, BC

                        Equivalents for landscapes            

1983                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC

                        Equivalents for landscapes                

1984                 Art Gallery of Peterborough    Peterborough, Ontario

                        Cross cultural notations

1984                 Bau-Xi Gallery, New works          Vancouver and Toronto

1984                 Vancouver Art Gallery            Vancouver, BC

                        Act of Painting               

1986                 Museum of Anthropology       Vancouver, UBC

                        Jack Shadbolt and the coastal Indian Image

1986                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver, BC

1988                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver and Toronto

1988                 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Victoria, BC

                        Butterfly transformation theme

1988                 Prince George Art Gallery       Prince George, BC

1989                 Vancouver Art Gallery            Vancouver, BC

                            Showing from the permanent collection

1990                 Bau-Xi Gallery                          Vancouver and Toronto

1990                 Whatcom County Museum     Bellingham, Washington



Selected Group Exhibitions

1932                 Island Arts and Crafts Society              Victoria, BC

                        23rd Annual Exhibition          

1936                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

                        BC Artist’s Annual                        

1937                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

                        B.C. Society of Artists Annual

                        (also 1940-44, 1946-48, 1950, 1954-64, 1967)

1940                 University of British Columbia               Vancouver, BC

                         with Emily Carr and W. Weston

1941                 Vancouver Art Gallery, Living Art Week Vancouver, BC

1941                 Seattle Art Museum                             Seattle, Washington
Northwest Artist’s Annual   

                        (also 1953-55, 1958, 1959, 1962)

1941                 Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Exhibition   Toronto, Ontario

                        (also 1942, 1964)

1942                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

1945                 Vancouver Art Gallery, BC at Work      Vancouver, BC

1945                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

                        Canadian Army Art                     

1946                 Philadelphia Watercolour Club, Spring Exhibition      

                        Organized by the National Gallery of Canada Philadelphia, PA

1947                 Canadian Group of Painters, at Major Canadian Centres

                        (also1948, 1956-65)                              

1948                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

1950                 Fraser Valley Art Group                       New Westminster, BC

                        5th Annual Exhibition                            

1951                 Musse des beaux Arts, Spring Show      Montreal, Quebec

1951                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

                        Third Quarterly Group Show

1951                 Art Gallery of Toronto                          Toronto, Ontario

                        Canadian society of watercolour painters

                        (also 1952, National Gallery of Canada 1954, 1955,1958, 1959,1961)

1952                 San Francisco Museum                        San Francisco, CA

                       16th Annual Watercolour Exhibition

1953                 Seattle Art Museum                             Seattle, WA

                        Four Northwest Artists                      

1953                 Caracas Bienal                                   Caracas, Venezuela

1953-54             Sao Paulo Bienal                                 Sao Paulo,Brazil

                        Canadian section                               

1954                 Carnegie Institute                                Pittsburgh. PA

                        Carnegie International                       

1954               La exposician de pintura-moderna     Caracas, Venezuela

1954-55             National Gallery of Canada               Ottawa, Ontario

                        Exhibition of California and Canadian

1955                 National Gallery of Canada               Ottawa, Ontario

                        First Canadian Biennial (also 2nd, 3rd,4th, and 6th)



Selected Group Exhibitions cont’d


1955                 Caracas Biennial                                 Caracas, Venezuela

1955                 Carnegie International                        Pittsburgh, PA

1956                 XXVIII Biennale di Venezia                   Venice, Italy

                        Canadian pavilion              

1956                 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria            Victoria, BC    

                            B.C. Arts  Today   

1957                 London Public Library & Art Museum   London, Ontario

                        Sketch and finished paintings

1958                 Dallas Museum and Walker Art Centre Minneapolis

                        A Canadian Portfolio

1958                 San Francisco Art Museum                  San Francisco, CA

                        Six Canadian Painters         

1958                 Guggenheim Museum                        New York City

                        Guggenheim International

                        (Received the Guggenheim National Section Award for Canada)

1958                 First Inter-American Bienale                 Mexico City, Mexico

1958                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

                        100 years of British Columbia Art

1958                 Brussels International Exhibition           Belgium

                            Canadian contemporary Art

1958                 27th B.C. Annual Exhibition, B.C. Centennial

1958                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

                        Received Centennial Award

1959                 Portland Art Museum                           Portland, OR

                        Paintings and sculpture of the Northwest

1959                 Brooklyn Museum                                New York, NY

                        International Watercolour Biennial

1959                 Canadian watercolours                      Travelling Exhibition

                        American Federation of Artists

1959                 Stratford Festival Art Exhibition            Stratford, Ontario

                            Ten Canadians    

1959                 Fine Arts Gallery, UBC                          Vancouver, BC

                        Seven west coast painters 

1961                 Winnipeg Art Gallery                           Winnipeg, Manitoba

                        7th Annual Winnipeg Show 

1962                 Recent Canadian Painting                 Warsaw, Poland

                                               Organized by the National Gallery of Canada

1962                 Winnipeg Art Gallery                           Winnipeg, Manitoba

                                               1st Biennial Winnipeg Show 

1962                 Seattle’s World Fair                              Seattle, WA

                        Creative Spirit of Canada  

1962                 Carnegie Institute                                Pittsburgh, PA
Hishhorn Collection, 1st  International exhibition

1963                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

                        Four Vancouver Artists        



Selected Group Exhibitions cont’d

1963                 Albright-Knox Art Gallery                     Buffalo, New York

                        Canadian Painting                              

1963                 Rochester Memorial Art Gallery          New York, NY

                        Contemporary Canadian painting and sculpture          

1963                 Yellow Door Gallery, Northern Terrain    Winnipeg, Manitoba

1963                 Vancouver 63’, Musee des beaux Arts  Montreal, Quebec

1964                 Bill Board Art Project                            Vancouver, BC

1964                 Tate Gallery                                         London, England

                        Canadian Paintings 1939-63               

1964                 Winnipeg Art Gallery                           Winnipeg, Manitoba

                        The 9th Winnipeg Show                        

1965                 Art Gallery of Toronto                          Toronto, Ontario

                        Focus on Drawing                

1966                 Winnipeg Art Gallery                           Winnipeg, Manitoba

                        10th Winnipeg Show                             

1966                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Travelling Canada

                        Painting ’66, BC Centennial Show

1966                 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria            Victoria, BC

                        Painters of the B.C. Mainland 

1967                 Winnipeg Art Gallery                           Winnipeg, Manitoba

                        Canadian Art of Our Time  

1967                 Bau-Xi Gallery, Northwest Drawings          Vancouver, BC

1968                 Musee des beaux Arts                         Montreal, Quebec

                        Survey 68’ spring show        

1974                 Simon Fraser University                         Burnaby, BC

                        Emily Carr’s contemporaries

1974                 Bau-Xi Gallery                                      Vancouver, BC

                        Opening Group Exhibition                  

1974                 Art Gallery of Greater                          Victoria, BC

                        Artist’s Tribute to Colin Graham

1974                 Agnes Etherington Art Gallery             Kingston, Ontario

                        New Canadian Masters

1975                 Provincial Museum                              Victoria, BC

                        Provincial Exhibition                            

1975-76             Canadian Canvas                              Travelling Exhibition

                        Time Canada Ltd. Sponsored

1975-76             Art Gallery of Ontario                          Toronto, Ontario

                        The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, 1925-1975

1976                 Glenbow Museum, Western Untitled       Calgary, Alberta

1976                 Changing Visions: The Canadian Landscape  Travelling Exhibition

                        Organized by Art Gallery of Ontario and Edmonton Art Gallery

1977                 Commonwealth Institute                     London, England

                        Commonwealth Artist’s of Fame

1977                 Agnes Etherington Gallery                  Kingston, Ontario

Selected Group Exhibitions cont’d

1977                 Memorial University                             St. Johns, Newfoundland

                        Greetings from Artists                           

1977                 Art Gallery of Peterborough                Peterborough, Ontario

                        Images of the seventies      

1977                 Harbourfront Art Gallery                      Toronto, Ontario

                        Selecting and collecting    

1977                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

                        From This Point of View      

1977                 Canadian Tapestries 1977                   Travelling Exhibition

                        Sponsored by Art Investment Corporation Toronto

1977                 Burnaby Art Gallery                             Burnaby, BC

                        10th Anniversary Show, First Society Recreated

1977                 Fine Arts Gallery, UBC, For the Birds     Vancouver, BC

1979                 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria            Victoria, BC

                        Nationalism in Canadian Art

1979                 Bau-Xi Gallery                                      Vancouver, BC

                        Opening Group Exhibition                  

1979-80             Art Gallery of Ontario                          Toronto, Ontario

                        100 years of the Poster in Canada

1980                 Bau-Xi Gallery                                      Vancouver, BC

                        Anniversary Exhibition Part III                              

1980                 Robson Square Media Centre            Vancouver, BC

                        On Canvass, SFU  

1980                 Cambridge Library and Art Gallery     Ontario

                        Canada Council Art Bank

1980                 McMaster University Art Gallery          Hamilton, Ontario

                        Survey Exhibition  

1980                 Art Gallery of Peterborough                Ontario

                        The Texture of Our Land

1980                 Bau-Xi Gallery, 15 years of Bau-Xi        Vancouver, BC

1981                 National Galleries of Canada & Museum of Modern Art

                        20th Century Canadian Painting                   Tokyo, Japan

1981                 Kyle’s Gallery, A Painter’s Day               Victoria, BC

1981                 Sarnia Art Gallery, B.C. Currents            Ontario

1981                 Emily Carr Gallery of Provincial Archives     Victoria, BC

1982                 Harbourfront Gallery, Painting ’82        Toronto, Ontario

1983                 Edmonton Art Gallery, Winnipeg West    Edmonton, Alberta

                        Paintings and sculpture in western Canada 1945-70

1983                 Vancouver Art Gallery                        Vancouver, BC

                        Vancouver Art and Artists; 1931-1983

1983-84             The Canadian Landscape                  International

                        Paintings from the Ontario Heritage                   Travelling Exhibition

                                Foundation  and Firestone Art Collection



1935                 Mural, Kitsilano High School                            Vancouver, BC

1941                 Mural, (with Paul Garanson), Vogue Theatre        Vancouver, BC

1943                 United Services Recreation                              Vancouver, BC

About Town with the United Services

1949                 Cycle of Seasons, Alcazar Hotel                     Vancouver, BC

1951                 Dominion Hotel, Cadborosaurus Mural           Victoria, BC

1953                 Mural, Cockfield, Brown & Co. Ltd.                 Vancouver, BC

1959                 Queen Elizabeth Theatre Restaurant               Vancouver, BC

                        Pageant of Transformation in Nature (Growth Cycle)

1963                 Edmonton International Airport                      Edmonton, AB

                        Bush Pilot in the Northern Sky

1964                 Confederation Memorial Centre                    Charlottetown, NB

                        Message Through

1977                 Festival Habitat Street Banner                         Vancouver, BC

1977                 Street Banners                                                 Vancouver, BC

1984                 Metropolitan Life, The Choice                         Ottawa, Ontario

1987                 MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.                                    Vancouver, BC

1987                 Cineplex Odeon, Tree of Life                          Vancouver, BC




1957                 Guggenheim Award

1972                 Order of Canada

1973                 University of Victoria

                                    Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

1977                 Molson Prize

            1978                 University of British Columbia

Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

1978                 Simon Fraser University

                                    Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

1989                 Freeman of the City of Vancouver

1990                 Order of British Columbia

1990                 Gershon Iskowitz Award


Selected Books Authored

1968                 In Search of Form, McLelland and Stewart Limited

1973                 Mind’s I, Poems and Drawings, McLelland and Stewart Limited

1981                 Act of Art, McLelland and Stewart Limited


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