Floyd Kuptana

Floyd Kuptana |  Inuvialuit (Inuk) Artist Canada

Native to Inuvialuit (Inuk), Floyd Kuptana is a Canadian based stone carver, painter and collage artists. 

His modern Inuit style has contributed to the prestige and respect towards Indigenous art, particularly peoples and creations from the Canadian Arctic and subartic areas.

Floyd Kuptana's soapstone creations often depict combinations of human and animal form to support themes of metamorphosis and transmutation.    He draws upon his native beliefs and personal experiences, as inspiration.

His carving career begain as an assistant to his artist relatives.  He learned a variety of techniques during those times, as he helped sand and polish his cousin's carvings.   One notable mentor and relative to Frank, being our very own Abraham Anghik Ruben

Frank Kuptana continues to master his craft and now resides in Toronto, Ontario.  Several select works have found home in the permanent collection of the notable art museum "Gallery Arcturus."