Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli Yarwood, Head Unicorn Wrangler (aka. Managing Director) of Steffich Fine Art

Stopping only to smell the pretty wild flowers; Kaeli is always on the go.  
Growing up in with parents who mastered five successful printing businesses, she quickly learned about the psychological benefits of hard work and self-powered passion projects. 
Her first business (age 13) was called "Buds Hemp Jewelry", established in her home town of Thorold Ontario with childhood best friend Chantal Doak (Doak Textiles).        

Her late night teen years were spent not at parties, but mastering technology.   She began her youtube career at the ripe old age of two past twenty years - inspired by the endless hours of theatrical training during high school. 

Her passions include, but are not limited to; web-design, sales, marketing, painting, drawing, piano, ukulele, guitar, yoga, swimming, photography, video editing, fashion design and puppy-dog walking.

Landing Matt Steffich as a business mentor was like winning the lottery of life skills.  Working along side Matt for 3+ years, her entrepreneurial spirit blossomed, as did her sales and marketing skills.   

Kaeli now dedicated to Steffich Fine Art gallery and the Salt Spring Island community, carrying Matt's creative legacy onward and upwards.  She continues to represent the amazing 28+ artists of Salt Spring Island and beyond.

Her favorite food is watermelon. Her favorite colour is iridescent.  And she loves to surround herself with like minded folk - hence feeling at home at Steffich Fine Art.