Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli, Kaeli, Bow-Baylee fee fye fo faeli…

This cool kat is a life live'r …. stopping only to smell the pretty wild flowers, she is always on the go.  
She entered the coding world in her pre-teen years, and began her youtube career at the ripe old age of two past twenty years. 

Her passions include, but not limited to; Health, Activism, Art, Music, Poetry, Dance; and of course oodles of puppy dogs.  Kaeli is a freelance multi-media artist, specializing in website weaving, and social media marketing. 
Her favorite food is watermelon. Her favorite colour is iridescent.  And she likes to laugh - hence, working at Steffich Fine Art.

If you catch a glimpse of this magical forest creature, please give her a high five for us.  Other than that she aims to be whatever she could be, should not she?


Here are some of Kaeli's top gallery picks: