LeRoy Jensen

Leroy Jensen Salt Spring Island

LeRoy Jensen (1927-2005) moved to Salt Spring Island with his family in 1982. A figurative painter who excelled at capturing the essence of the spirit of the human female form, he was a member of the important Limners Group (active 1971-2008) of Victoria, British Colombia.

He first exhibited in 1947 and continued to do so during his long career, all the while kindling the careers of countless art students who studied with him. During his rich artistic and social life on Salt Spring Island, LeRoy continued to be a valuable mentor to other artists, as a friend, artist and teacher. Jensen embued a capacity for empathy and compassion in his life and work.

Aside from his paintings on canvas, he produced an incredible body of work on paper using pastel and also created drawings in graphite, watercolour and mixed media. As well, Jensen was an active printmaker using such diverse techniques as etching, lithography and woodcuts.