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In addition to residential work, our work has been installed in hospitals, churches, and professional offices. 

We also create site-specific public art installations by using glass, metal, plastics, and light, often collaborating with Australian artist Warren Langley.

All of our water features are custom designed for the client.

We create work for both residential and commercial clients, working with your personal design challenges to enhance your existing space. Cast glass panels look striking as part of a water feature and become a focal point for your room or office

Occasionally, we receive commissions that relate to more spiritual themes. These have taken the form of baptismal fonts, designs for prayer doors, and may include more elaborate ornamentations in the future. We strive to create our designs in accordance with the protocols and a high standard of reproduction for religious themes.

Prices vary per project.  Contact us for a quote by using the 'place on hold' online inquiry system on this page.

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