Gabrielle Jensen

Gabrielle was born daughter to Canadian painter LeRoy Jensen and was brought up with art, and the making of art her whole life. She studied Fine Arts at Langara College and Graphic Design at Capilano, and learned the benefits of hard work and determination from her father.

Gabrielle works in a number of mediums, but her dominant focus is pastel and acrylic. She works from life but also from experience, meaning she can be inspired by an idea that may not have any visual reference.

She uses her mediums often in an unconventional way, at times forcing her substrates to accept her medium of choice by way of sanding and prepping a surface, creating texture and tooth. Done in a random way this can initiate a direction she had not yet thought on. Many of her techniques are self directed with a “ I wonder what would happen if I added this” approach. Not always successful but always interesting.

In the winter of 2022 Gabrielle began an affair with painting in acrylic and is presently feeling inspired to test her abilities using paint in a more conventional way. She is an artist that continues to to experiment with her work.

Gabrielle lives on Salt Spring Island, dividing her time between family, her work as a custom picture framer, and her studio.