Willow Hopkins



Willow Hopkins is a Montreal based artist who captures inspiration from the natural world, from a lichen cloaked branch to the dapples of a young fawn. Willow began painting wildlife in childhood and later received a diploma in Fine Arts from Dawson College. Though she explored a variety of artistic mediums throughout the years, Willow came to appreciate the characteristics of watercolours and oils to best depict her unique expression.  

Willow holds great reverence for her subject matter, and with the forest as her muse, she finds beauty and sees paintings in unlikely places. Willow’s artwork speaks to her deep desire to share with viewers a more meaningful and personal connection with nature.  Whether painting a wolf or a tangle of leaves and branches, she considers her work to be a type of portraiture; her goal being to capture the essence of an animal or often overlooked area of underbrush or new growth in the forest.  She seeks to immortalize those creatures and places that present themselves to her, knowing that the natural world is constantly in a state of flux and that beauty is ever changing.