Celebrating the artwork of Peter McFarlane -Upcoming show at the Robert Bateman Center June 29th 2017

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Early in spring 2107, Steffich Fine Art began filming a short documentary about conceptual artist, Peter McFarlane. A documentary was the finest way we could think of paying tribute to this artist. For many years we had admired McFarlane’s work, and now that we proudly represented him, this opportunity was not to be wasted! Before long we had more plans for Peter…

In addition to the documentary we decided to launch a show of Peter’s latest work at the Robert Bateman Center in beautiful Victoria, BC.

McFarlane’s inspired, game-changing sculptures will be on exhibit at the Robert Bateman Center from June 29th through to October 4th. His work will accompany paintings by legendary wildlife painter Robert Bateman. The exhibit, titled “Migrations: Travelers of the Salish Sea” is an art and narrative experience exploring species regeneration.

Peter is a sincere artist, who’s mind is flooded with ideas. His inspiration is contagious. We in turn have been inspired by his strong artwork, and believe you will be too. See the show for yourself, you will likely come away with a heightened perspective on life and a smile on your lips.

Below are some images from the first few shoots for the documentary in the artist home. We began shooting in Peters’s kitchen, most of which was made from recycled materials by the artist own hands (even his kitchen is a work of art). We also discovered Peter’s choice library. Nothing wasted in this collection- only the best and brightest minds in the written word.

After our visit in the artist home we headed out to his studio to see where all the magic happens. There were well organized piles of old, odd junk everywhere. In some places a particular pile would start to take shape, as Peter found an idea in among the interesting rubble. Sketches and notes lay here an there. The shop smelled of oil, metal and decaying wood.

During the making of the documentary Peter shared some with us on art and creation and what it means to him. He spoke of making art for the mind, and not just art for the eyes. That art should speak to your mind is fundamentally important to McFarlane.

Over the months that followed we would return to Peter’s studio another four times to film. He has been working at a fevered pitch drawing on his rich imagination, pulling all-nighters, and producing some of the most compelling art we have ever scene.


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