Dee Lippingwell

Dee Lippingwell, the renowned concert photographer hailing from Vancouver, found her calling through a symphony of passion for music. In the vibrant rhythm of the 70s, her lens danced alongside local musicians, capturing their essence in still frames that resonated with the energy of live performance.

As the melody of her career crescendoed, Dee ascended to immortalize some of the most iconic figures of rock 'n' roll and beyond. Throughout the electrifying decades of the 80s, 90s, and into the Millennium, her camera became a conduit for the essence of music, encapsulating the spirit of legendary artists and etching their presence into the annals of history.

In recognition of her unparalleled contributions to the world of music photography, Dee Lippingwell was bestowed with Canada's Famous Woman Award, a testament to her pioneering spirit and trailblazing talent. But accolades did not end there; her dedication and artistry earned her a revered place in the BC Country Music Association Hall of Fame, where her images continue to echo the soulful harmonies of country music, enriching the tapestry of musical heritage for generations to come.