Thomas McPhee

Cold Bronze Cast

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As a master of classical realism, Salt Spring Island's Thomas McPhee combines both figurative and stylized elements in his work that often involves mythological themes and archetypes. The carvings range from small jewelry sized pieces to larger sculptures.

This limited edition low relief sculpture is cast in a cold cast bronze material, also known as bonded bronze. Cold casting is using real bronze powder mixed with epoxy resin.

Sea Wolf and Maiden was inspired by a story of a young woman who was the lover of a courageous seafarer, who was transformed into a sea wolf. They would see each-other from the shore and fell in love. And through this love, she was able to transform into an Orca. They had many children. To this day Orca's are like people, they have extended families and look after each other.

Sea Wolf is the mythical name for Orca Whale or Black Fish.

The combination of West Coast Native Art with the Western European Neo Classical figurative nude is unique stylistically and forces the question of cultural appropriation.

"My use of this cross cultural fertilization illustrates an example of 'degetoization' in the arts. Inclusiveness and multiculturalism in Canada has inspired me to create art with European and West Coast sculptural formalism."