Master Cinematographer + Curious Genius = Robert Primes

Master Cinematographer + Curious Genius = Robert Primes "Discoveries"

Written by Alli Hames

Photographic Exhibition "Discoveries" by Robert Primes

Robert Primes Artist Salt Spring Island

This week we would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Robert Primes and his artistic vision. From July 7th to July 16th Steffich Fine Art will be hosting an exhibition of the artist latest photography. This collection explores high-contrast urban life. There is a feeling of being flung into the feature, were serial colours and textures prevail, and strange figures loom.

Robert Primes Artist

“Discoveries is about shapes and rhythms, people and places, anything that I thought might make a surprising photograph. My hope is that these discoveries will cause the viewer to pause a moment to contemplate the visual richness of the world around us.

While I freely added filters and textures when I felt they enhanced the mood or created a more painterly experience, all of the images are from actual photographs of real scenes that happened to catch my curious eye."

Robert Primes Photographer | Salt Spring Artist

About the artist

Robert Primes ASC recently retired from teaching cinematography at the American Film Institute. Before that he won Emmys and an ASC award for his cinematography of major television dramas. His body of work includes feature films, documentaries and commercials as well as forays into directing, live theatre and film making. He has always loved art and photography and is finding it both challenging and fulfilling to be on his own with just a camera and imagination.

Robert and his wife Theo spend most of their time working and living in LA, where they have enjoyed long careers in cinematography and classical music respectively. Part of the year they call Salt Spring Island their home

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