Lyman Whitaker's Artist Bio

Lyman Whitaker's Artist Bio

Lyman Whitaker | Wind Sculptures at Steffich Fine Art | Salt Spring Island

Lyman’s sculptures have an organic and mystical theme in keeping with his life philosophy. As an artist, he can express his concern for the survival of the planet through a creative medium. Disquieted about the durability of our culture’s present systems, in relation to climate changes, Lyman’s strongest wish is to have his artwork symbolize a move toward better solutions in relationship to the Earth.

The past 25 years have primarily been focused on creating Wind Sculptures™, which are all produced by hand. The Wind Sculptures™ are innovative and artistic with a high degree of mechanical integrity; they are well respected for their quality craftsmanship.

By placing the sculptures in settings dependent on natural elements for movement, opportunities are provided for participants to think about their surroundings. Lyman’s sculptures are organic and natural like vegetation and are enjoyed best in interactive settings where they are viewed over time.

Believing that there are a variety of ways to accomplish anything, his process has continued to evolve and maintain originality. Currently, Lyman is going back to what he loves best: combining a broad range of materials and techniques to freely create movement and form.

Lyman’s work is represent by Steffich Fine Art on Salt Spring Island BC.

Lyman Whitaker | Wind Sculptures Canada