Carol Haigh

West Coast Artist Carol Haigh | Steffich Fine Art

Carol Haigh is a west coast artist. She lives on Salt Spring Island in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia where she has resided since 1955 when her family immigrated to Canada from England. At the age of sixteen, Carol left Salt Spring with her parents and three of her four sisters on a 5 year sailing voyage through the Pacific Islands to New Zealand and Australia, returning here to live. 

Carol’s interest in sailing and the ocean remain strong and her bond with the sea is vital to her work. She finds inspiration in the marine environment around the islands of her home waters and in the constantly shifting mood and colors of the sea and sky. Carol’s paintings communicate her vision of the fragile nature and beauty of our surrounding environment. Wherever she travels, the ocean is her muse and her love for the sea is apparent in her paintings. Whether sailing her classic boat “Korari” around the islands of the inside waters or walking the west coast beaches, Carol is absorbing the mood and spirit of the sea and gathering ideas for future paintings

Carol is a self taught realist painter. During the last twenty-five years, she has worked with various media and now chooses to paint mainly in acrylic. Her paintings capture a clarity of light and colour that is achieved by building up multiple layers of thin acrylic washes. Her images are finely detailed and reflect an intuitive knowledge of the sea