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Representing artists of the highest level with two thirds currently living on Salt Spring Island and surrounding regions.

Anthony Jamieson Design

Transform Your Home into a Work of Art with Anthony Jamieson Design's Spectacular Cast Glass Commissions

From our earliest recollections, we have been fascinated by the play of light. We enjoy pushing the limits of what is possible technically with glass. The alchemy of heat, movement and timing combined with serendipity and technical precision must come together to achieve a fully realized, finished work.

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Lyman Whitaker's Kinetic Garden Sculptures

Bring movement and art to your outdoor space with Lyman Whitaker's wind sculptures for gardens.

Kinetic wind sculptures have been called many names: whirly gigs, wind spinners, copper spinners, spiny things, weather vanes and even wind chimes. 

No matter what you call them, wind sculptures generate a lifetime of joy! 😃

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Copper Thunderbird Norval Morrisseau ᐅᓵᐚᐱᐦᑯᐱᓀᐦᓯ 

Discover the Masterpieces: Norval Morrisseau Woodland Art Originals

Norval Morrisseau, born March 14th, 1932, also known as Copper Thunderbird, was an Indigenous Canadian artist from the Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek First Nation.

Our gallery founder Matt Steffich has been on the frontline defending Morrisseau's legacy against the criminals responsible for trafficking fraudulent copies without consent,

Our Norval Morrisseau originals and silk screen prints are fully authenticated.

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Vintage Fillmore West Posters and Ticket Sets

Step back in Time and Experience the Magic of San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium with Authentic Vintage Bill Graham Presents Memorabilia

Vintage Bill Graham Presents concert posters and ticket sets from San Francisco’s legendary Fillmore auditorium.

Dee Lippingwell's concert photographs that capture some of most beloved music icons and moments of our time.

We also feature West coast poster artist icon Bob Masse. His extensive body of work has spanned over five decades.

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