Jim Dearing

Jim Dearing Wood Carver

In the enchanting realm of Salt Spring Island, meet Jim Dearing, a former boat builder turned whimsical wood magician. His journey began on the high seas, where he sailed and swapped stories with local carvers who sparked his creative flame.

Now, with a twinkle in his eye and a knack for carving, Jim conjures miniature boat wonders and carves the critters of North America into existence. He's not just a master carver; he's a wood whisperer with a salty spirit.

Amidst the island's gentle breezes and ocean whispers, Jim Dearing continues to bring wood to life, weaving tales of land and sea.  He recently moved his passion from North American animals and began carving African animals.  He continues to celebrate the wild animals of the world.  

Each precious piece takes at least a month or more to carve.