Anaïs Gerber

Anaïs Gerber | Steffich Fine Art on Salt Spring Island

Anaïs was born in Paris, France, in 1983. She studied at the Royal College of Art in the UK, and she has been living on Thetis Island since 2013.

Anaïs produces original, hand-pulled lithographs. Lithography is a printmaking technique by which prints are pulled from an image originally drawn on stone.  

Over the past few years, Anaïs has built a series of poetic, often whimsical drawings that tell of her unique experience of the world. Her senses are constantly tuned to the cosmos, and every manifestation of its raw energy produces a strong impression on her: a wind, a light, a resistance of nature…

Nineneteenth century Romantics had a name for this feeling of awe: they called it the sublime. The sublime is Anaïs's core aesthetic concern.

Anything that makes her experience her smallness in the vastness of the world is susceptible to trigger a vision for a drawing in her mind.

Anaïs works almost exclusively in black and white: she enjoys expressing the poetry of the world with the sole rainbow of shadows and lights.

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