Mel Williamson

When Mel Williamson paints, she does not draw or outline before she begins but rather allows the image to gradually emerge. Dark and light areas work together in an almost sculptural way to create form. Using a big brush (or palette knife) forces her to focus on the most important shapes first, limiting detail to only the essential. Soft and hard edges reveal the subject, while keeping a quality of mystery. 

Gesture and light fascinate Williamson. Flat hazy days, traffic at dusk, dimly lit restaurants, or even the fluorescence of a hardware store can be so interesting. She notices gestures every day. Mel is especially interested in people at work, unaware of being observed. 

After using a computer for many years as a graphic designer, Mel loved the tactile, slippery nature of oil paint. She intentionally allows her process to show, she wants the viewer to instantly know that each piece was made by a human hand. 

Mel received her education in graphic design and illustration from Capilano University in Vancouver, this began her career in the arts. Painting has always been a part of her life, it thrills her to now make it a full time pursuit. She spends many hours devouring art books and magazines, and dedicates herself to weekly life-drawing sessions on Salt Spring Island.

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