Ed Peekeekoot

Ed Peekeekoot Artist Cree Nation West Coast Totem Pole Carver

Ed Peekeekoot is from the Cree Nation of Saskatchewan. From the time he was a child, Ed has been creating art. He has mostly concentrated on Cree mythology but carves in the Northwest Coast medium of the totem pole. By fusing together these 2 concepts, Ed has created a totally unique approach to an old theme. His wood of preference is cottonwood bark, which offers him the challenge of a minimal amount of space as well as a strong contrast between the natural and the carved elements.

To find the thick, carvable bark he needs, Ed journeys to Northern B.C. in search of large cottonwood that have fallen along the rivers and lakes.

Ed has studied extensively the techniques of the old master carvers. He is also self-taught. Each carving reflects the respect Ed feels for his heritage and the wisdom of the elders who passed on the mythology to him.

Ed is also a highly accomplished illustrator and musician. His carvings can be found in collections worldwide.