Ed Peekeekoot

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To make art is to set out on a type of vision quest, grounding and purifying, opening to Spirit for inspiration, then pouring your being into the work you are guided to create. Sometimes something new breaks through. Other times it is a prayer you may have "said" many times before but each time it becomes more refined and meaningful with a lifetime of discipline and trust.

To sit with a piece of bark that can be dismissed, walked over, driven over and then bring it to life is a deepening process. To birth beauty from the forgotten ordinary is a gift to oneself and one's community.

The Eagle at the top of this carving is the connection between heaven and Earth, flying higher than any other and seeing wider. The Shaman represents traditional teachings, wisdom, and working with the Spirit realm. The Ceremonial Buffalo Skull reminds us of the cycles of life and death, giving and receiving. The buffalo kept the people alive through its sacrifice and is deeply honoured. The Wolf Warrior at the bottom of the carving represents providing for the well-being and safety of the community.

A Vision Quest serves not only the one who has the courage and preparation to step onto that path but also their community when they return with new knowing, new teachings, healing, and a more open heart. 
©2020  by Ed Peekeekoot Ahtahkakoop Cree First Nation

Carving Description:
  • Cottonwood Bark with Horsehair
  • Alabaster Base
  • Height 38 1/2" Base Width 6 1/4" Depth 5 1/2"