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"This was my third year to this spot on the east coast over a nine year period. The first trip I got an image, but one of the branches moved, the second year the colour was gone.  It is interesting to look back at the first image of this location and see how the trees have grown up. Not an easy location due to the winds in this location in the very early light. I was shooting this scene with a friend of mine and he commented that the colours were the best he has seen in 16 years of shooting out east. This image was taken with a Phase One XF camera using a 80 megapixel back."

Steven is a resident on Salt Spring Island off the coast of British Columbia.  He is a BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Finalist / Hasselblad 2016 and 2009 Masters Awards Finalist (Landscape-Nature) and placed First in 2018 for the Professional Photographer of the year (Nature).