Robert Bateman 1970

Acrylic on Board
48" x 40" | Original Frame by Robert Bateman

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"Red-Tailed Hawk on Fallen Willow" by Robert Bateman is a masterpiece that captures the essence of a majestic bird of prey in a serene natural setting. 

The fallen willow tree adds a sense of tranquility and melancholy to the scene. Its branches, now resting on the ground, tell a story of the cycle of life in the natural world. The rough texture of the tree's bark contrasts with the hawk's sleek feathers, creating a visually captivating juxtaposition.   

Your eyes will land upon the monstrous tree and glide up to a pleasant surprize.   The Red-Tailed Hawk sitting so still that you near miss him resting on a branch amongst the snow.

Bateman's attention to detail is evident in the meticulous rendering of the hawk's plumage, which showcases its intricate patterns and the play of light and shadow on its feathers. The background of the painting is a muted yet harmonious blend of winter whites, allowing the viewer to focus entirely on the magnificent fallen tree and bird of prey.

"Red-Tailed Hawk on Fallen Willow" is not just a painting; it's a testament to Robert Bateman's deep connection with nature and his ability to convey the beauty and significance of wildlife in their natural habitats. It's a work that invites viewers to contemplate the delicate balance of life in the wild and the enduring spirit of the natural world.

Private Collection
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