World Class Garden Wind Sculpture Art
by Kinetic Sculptor Lyman Whitaker

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$1000 USD

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Kinetic wind sculptures have been called many things :

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with Lyman Whitaker

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Lyman Whitaker's Artist Bio
Lyman Whitaker's Artist Bio

by Matt Steffich May 31, 2019

The past 25 years have primarily been focused on creating Wind Sculptures™, which are all produced by hand. The Wind Sculptures™ are innovative and artistic with a high degree of mechanical integrity; they are well respected for their quality craftsmanship.

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Wind Sculpture Creation Process
Wind Sculpture Creation Process

by Matt Steffich February 22, 2019

The sculptures are fabricated from copper, steel and stainless steel that provide beauty and strength. Each Wind Sculpture™ is secured against theft and rests on a sealed ball bearing at the top of a vertical rod. 

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Wind Sculpture Installation Information
Wind Sculpture Installation Information

by Matt Steffich February 22, 2019

The installing of wind sculptures has been streamlined to make it as simple as possible:

The spinner is a single unit that does not require assembly.  Other than cement, everything you need to install your sculpture is included.

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Complementary Design Samples with digital moving sculptures

If you are having trouble deciding which wind sculpture is your favorite, or what size to get, contact us here.

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