Corporate Team

  • Collectively, our teams combine over fifty years’ experience in creative consulting and design
  • Fine art arrangements to inspire public, private and corporate sectors
  • We work with you from inception to completion
  • Create a joyful, bold, artistic space
  • Current Installations Include: Winery's, hospitality, government offices, educational institutions, health care facilities, public transit locations, tourist destinations, libraries, travel resorts, military bases, science centres, concert halls, shopping malls, condo apartment buildings, gated communities, ocean marinas, real estate offices, museums, performance theaters, ballet / dance facilities, yoga studios and so much more...  

Our team of crafty solution seekers are eager to assist with any project, big or small.

Matt Steffich | Steffich Fine Art on Salt Spring
The Benevolent Dictator
Kaeli Yarwood Steffich Fine Art | Salt Spring Island
Benevolent Assistant and
 co-Problem Dis-solver
Jen Shepard General Manager Whitaker Studio | Wind Sculptures
Whitaker Studio Manager