+ How do I install my wind sculpture?

The installing of wind sculptures has been streamlined to make it as simple as possible:

Written instructions come with every piece that explains the complete process. Click here to access "Wind Sculpture Installation" instructions online, including easy to follow 'how to' videos.

+ Can I purchase directly online?

Our fabulous "no obligation" online reservation system will ensure you are completely satisfied before purchasing.  Each sculpture can present unique options and we enjoy a personal connection with our clients (like you 😄).   
 Ask about our payment plan options.

+ If a sculpture is stated to be 6 foot 4 inches tall, what does that mean?

The height of a wind sculpture is measured from where the shaft touches the ground to the highest point of the sculpture. The height detailed refers to the very highest point of any particular sculpture.  The width measurement refers to the widest point of any particular sculpture.

+ Do you ship internationally and how much will that cost?

We arrange shipments anywhere in the world. Clients in the continental United States pay 10% of the sculpture cost for shipping. To get an exact quote for all world wide shipping, please use our online reservation system.  When you put a Wind Sculpture "on Hold" we will respond back within 24 hours with a total cost including shipping.  NOTE: Most international quotes (including shipping and import duties) work out to approximately half the cost of the piece or less.

+ Do all wind sculpture come in various sizes?

Some sculptures are available in a single size and some in two sizes, while others have five or six options. For example, the Desert Flame is available in a single size and the Double Spinner is available in seven sizes. With each size increase, the sculpture gets taller and larger (i.e. scales up). Each individual sculpture page shows the range of sizes a piece is available in.

+ It’s very cold / hot / windy where I live, is that a problem?

Wind sculptures will perform in all weather conditions. Sub-zero temperatures, snow, rain, or high heat will not impede their performance.  The largest sculptures have been tested in 70 to 90 mph winds. The sculptures do not need to be taken inside due to weather.

+ Is there annual maintenance required?

Each wind sculpture has two (or more) steel encased bearing units. They are pre-greased at the studio during creation. Once every few years you can simply add some lubricant.

+ What are the wind sculptures made of?

The sculpture itself is a combination of copper and stainless steel. The shafts are made of steel.

+ How will the color change over time?

Over time the sculpture will change in colour as the copper reacts to the natural elements. Similar to rust developing on iron, a colour change known as “patina” develops on copper when the copper sulfate on the surface interacts with oxygen in the environment.  Unlike rust which corrodes iron, patina actually protects and preserves the copper underneath.

+ If I send you a photo(s) of the area we are thinking of placing the sculpture, can you Photoshop the piece in?

Yes. If you send us a photo of the setting and a description of the sculptures you are interested in we can Photoshop them into your photos. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT ONLINE.

+ I am having a tough time deciding which sculpture(s) to choose, can you help?

Yes. If you can’t decide between sculptures we have found it is sometimes helpful to look at the still photos of each piece. If you prefer the look of a sculpture while it is not turning, that is probably the one for you. Still stuck? We are happy to make suggestions.

+ I own a wind sculpture and would like to make it taller, are there extension poles available?

Yes, depending on the sculpture. Please inquire with the gallery.

+ If I order a wind sculpture today, how long will it take to arrive?

It depends on where you live. Our gallery has inventory on hand. If we have the piece you want, we can ship it from our gallery within 48 hours. Shipping across Canada takes anywhere from 2 to 7 days. If the studio in Utah has your choice in stock, shipping in the continental United States takes anywhere from 14 to 21 days.  International shipping varies depending on the country. Once we have the name of the sculpture you want and your postal code / zip code, we can get a specific time frame.