Films and videos featuring Norval Morrisseau


2019 There Are No Fakes DirectorJamie Kastner

2005 A Separate Reality: the Life and Times of Norval Morrisseau 

Carvallo, Paul (Producer), for the Life and Times Canada’s Premiere Biography Series, CBC 

2004 Stories from the 7th Fire “Winter”
Coyes, Greg, animation based on art of Norval Morrisseau 

1990 Shaman Never Die 
Lamothe, Arthur (Director/Producer), Atelier Audio Visuelle, Montreal 
The Originals (film) Norval Morrisseau 
Znaimer, Moses; Jim Hanley, City TV, Toronto, Ontario 

1982 Spirits Speaking Through: Canadian Woodland Artists 
CBC Spectrum Series 

1974 The Paradox of Norval Morrisseau 
Jacobsen, Henning Productions Ltd.; Duke Redbird (Director) 
Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development 

1973 The Colours of Pride Jacobsen, Henning Productions Ltd. 
National Film Board of Canada and Indian and Northern Affairs