Bly Kaye 2021

Paper Collage
30" x 40" Framed

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"My intent is to make sense of this tangled forest landscape which I moved to years ago from the dry interior of the province, where I knew the spaces between the trees, and the large vistas. Here I am trying to understand the forms and the beauty of the dense underbrush, the exposure of bare branches and the few remaining leaves in the winter light.  My materials are hand-painted, archival tissue papers, and glue."

Each work of art made by Bly Kaye is comprised of delicately hand painted tissue paper collage layered carefully on canvas.   

The natural landscapes she translates are often perspectives seen around her home, or during her travels.   These excellent paper collage masterpieces are something to see in person.   

Bly Kaye Master Paper Collage Artist from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

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