Peter McFarlane

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  • Recycled Computer Circuit Boards 
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  • "Corral Jump" is a powerful metaphor focusing on the break between our excessive social media use. 

    Facebook and relative communication platforms can be used to bridge society and improve information outreach.   Unfortunately, like individuals, powerful corporations and governments can also utilize these services to share information, often implementing age-old manipulative marketing techniques to sway public opinion, thus gaining political control. 

    For example in Berma the people lead a revolution against the government using social media.   The military authorities retaliated by initiating an internet outage Nationwide to assist in regaining 'social stability'.
      (source: 2021 Myanmar protests)

    The irony of social media platforms, they gives us an opportunity to access truth and at the same time, these platforms often rely on the consumer to verify whether or not the presented facts are valid, or perhaps spin-doctored by biased news sources . 

    The onus is up to the individual user of technology to evolve and learn how to harness and 'capture the truth'.  

    Peter spent the early 90s working as a computer sales consultant in Toronto.  At that time, he started to incorporate used computer circuit boards into his work.  He was shocked at the sheer volume of waste that used computers created year after year.

    The horse was human kind's first automated messenger.  And now the computer is our main source of communication.  
    Peter reflects upon his experience with the horses, computer mother boards and the many ways he can communicate with society in his circuit board series.