Bob Masse

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ARTIST: Bob Masse

DATE:  July 17, 2005

VENUE:  Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre, Victoria, BC.


SIZE: 24"x 14"


FREE SHIPPING: Canada / United States

Authentic, Original Art Prints curated by  Steffich Fine Art   (est. 1992) on Canada's west coast.

  • All posters are hand signed by famed poster artist Bob Masse
  • Free Shipping in Canada / United States. 
  • Posters are printed on quality paper and are suitable for framing.
  • All prices in Canadian dollars and includes shipping.


Bob Dylan

There's a saying: "People who love music will eventually discover Bob Dylan." In the history of popular music, few figures loom as large, even fewer have written a fraction of the instantly recognizable songs Dylan has. Perhaps more books have been written about the former Robert Zimmerman from Hibbing, Minnesota than any other popular recording artist except, possibly, the Beatles and Elvis.

A partial list of classic Dylan records includes Another Side of Bob Dylan, Bringing it All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde on Blonde, Nashville Skyline, Blood on the Tracks and, more recently, Time out of Mind and Love and Theft. The latter two records, his most recent, have found Dylan at the top of his form. That's an extraordinary feat for a man who had already made such an astounding contribution to the pop music canon that he could have been forgiven for coasting on his past the rest of his career. The records, coming at a time when many had written him off, proved that Dylan still has the power to surprise, something further borne out by the critically lauded "Chronicles", his first volume of autobiography.


Bob Masse is a Canadian artist from British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast, who has been producing concert posters since 1966.