Thomas McPhee

Crystal Glass
Pendant: 28mm x 32mm | Necklace: 17"

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This exquisite opalescence white glass bear pendant has a genuine diamond eye and holds a genuine gold nugget from Northern Canada.
Measures approximately 32mm x 28mm x 17mm and hung on a 16" black rubber cord necklace with 14KT gold filled clasp and 2" oval extender chain.

Pâte de verre is a formula for cast lead crystal glass developed among ancient classical societies and revived by French decorative arts like Galle and Tiffany at the turn of the 20th Century. We have developed our own process down to the point of being able to imitate original material.  Some cast pieces resemble gem stones such as amethyst, sapphire, tourmaline or emerald.  It can also look like jade or agate with the opaque coloured glass. 

White Opalescent  coloured to observe the “SPIRIT Bears" of the Great Bear Rainforest in Northern British Columbia.