Ida Bagus Oka

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Ida Bagus Anom Suryawan is an internationally recognized wood carver, mask and puppet maker, dancer and puppeteer. His success has brought him to United States to work at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum and the Sante Fe Folk Art Festival. Anom has conducted workshops in mask making, mask painting, and masked dance throughout the United States and Anom has a permanent mood mask exhibition at the San Francisco Exploratorium.


Born into a wood carving family in Mas village, Bali, Indonesia, Anom brings over 30 years of expertise into his work. Drawing on the teachings of generations of carvers who have come before him, Anom is well known for producing authentic and inspired masks, unparalleled by other mask carvers in Bali. His masks are collected by enthusiasts around the world (including royalty) and his work is quickly becoming some of the most sought after art coming from Bali, Indonesia.