Bob Masse

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Here's an interesting slice of rock and roll history from Bob Masse.   

Jimi Hendrix played for the first time in the UK when he jammed with Cream at London polytechnic October 1, 1966.

"In 1968, I was living in Los Angeles, and was approached by KPPC radio station to do promotional advertising posters. At the time, KPPC 106.7 FM was THE station to listen to. It was originally located in the basement of the Pasadena Presbyterian Church (the PPC in the call letters), and was the first FM rock “underground” (in spirit as well as location) radio station in southern California. Unlike the usual Top 40 format, KPPC disc jockeys selected their own music, with the result being an eclectic free-form mix of rock and roll, folk, blues, and comedy. The best years of KPPC were from November 1967 until October 1971, when the entire on-air staff was fired and replaced overnight with a new line-up. This poster that I did in 1968 features a very rare, early photo of the Jimi Hendrix Experience."


Bob Masse is a Canadian artist from British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast, who has been producing concert posters since 1966.