Thomas McPhee

Crystal Glass
Pendant: 28mm x 32mm | Necklace: 17"

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 Gaze upon this 'Ursus Americanus'!

This magnificent obsidian-colored glassy black bear pendant has a glitzy diamond eye and carries a real golden nugget straight from the Great Canadian North.

This wild and dazzling Spirit Bear pendant is created from Pate de Verre kiln cast crystal glass.  Pate de Verre's casting method is similar to the one for making jewelry from gold and silver. 

Pate de verre, French for 'paste of glass', is a technique of pressing glass frits and crushed glass into a mold. It's tricky but produces brilliant kiln cast outcomes. Tiny frits give the method its lustrous appearance, and also allow for accurate inlays of various colors in the mold.