Anaïs Gerber 2019

Digital Art Edition of 250
19″ x 13″ Unframed, 100% cotton paper

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Within my first few weeks on Thetis Island, where I ended up living for many years, I took a walk to Pilkey Point, at the north end of the island. There stood a dead fir and at the top of it, two eagles. Looking at them, I instantly felt like I was one of them, up there, watching the horizon.

This limited edition coloured version was created by first using a fine art scanner of the original stone lithograph. After which, the large file was digitally painted by hand using high tech digital art devices and printed on top quality 100% cotton paper using a fine art printer.

This is the first time Anaïs has started to integrate colour and modern technology into her popular whimsical creations.

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