Thomas McPhee 2023

Pâte de Verre Cast Glass

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Behold the Cast Glass Toad Statue, crafted with Pâte de verre - an age-old recipe used by our ancestors!

This little glass Toad sculpture is  the perfect size to fit into your hand, bursting with intricate details and one of a kind bubble patterns.

Kiln cast glass is a glassmaking technique that sees molten glass in plaster moulds heated in temps above 1450-degrees.  This firing process can take days, with the bubbles it creates enhancing the authentic charm.

After cooling and hardening, the glass sculpture is broken from the mould and cold worked for polishing.   The result? An enchanting work of art, full of dazzling vibrant colours and mesmerising details resembling stained glass. It's no wonder Pâte de verre has become a favourite for centuries.